When you purchase an rCard, not only are you sending an original card created by you, but the image on all rCards are frame-able art prints.  (It’s easy to remove the image from the card with a butter-knife.)

rCards are handmade cards (made-to-order) and are shipped the next business day.  To give you an idea how rCards are “handmade” here is the process of creating the images that are attached to each rCard.  Greg Duncan, at ARC Chicago has put rImages together and documented the process (even with photos)!!!  Thank you very, very, much Greg!!  Greg is quite the perfectionist, so he always does a great job!  Be sure to give him a call if you have some printing business!!

The paper that we print (ou)rImages on is called Kromekote 12 C1S from CTI Paper USA, which is Elemental Chlorine Free, FSC Certified and Lignin Free (see pic).

rCards image paper

The press these are printed on is the Ricoh Pro 751 (see pics).

Ricoh Pro 751 at ARC Chicago

rCards images being printed

We then take blank sheets of 111# Pro Digital Silk Cover and run them through a laminator to adhere adhesive to one side of the sheet (see pic).

Applying adhesive to rCards images

We then roll each printed image to the blank sheet making sure there are no bubbles and the adhesive sticks (see pic).

Attaching image to backing cover

Each sheet is hand cut with a ruler and blade to the 3″ by 3″ size of each rCards image (see pics).

handcutting rImages by ARC Chicago

rCards Valentine's Day images fresh cut at ARC

These 2 cover sheets of paper sealed together make the images beautiful and much, much more sturdy than a photograph (see pic).

rCards image compared to photo

Manifest your good intentions and create the perfect card at rCards!  Plus, give a piece of frame-able art, built-into your card!

rCards Yellow Tulip matted and framed



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